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Hands On Camping

Jeep Trailer by Cruise Moab 2013 Kokopelli Trail Members of our Forum are DIY who get enjoyment and satisfaction from doing things with their own two hands. Some do ground-up builds while others modify or tailor an existing trailer to their needs.  You'll read all about it and can ask questions, join in and share what you have learned to build your perfect Compact Camping Trailer.

Camping Off-Road

jeep-style-fiberglass-tub-kit-on-four-wheel-drive-trail-build-at-home-trailer At the heart of it are folks that enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle where “unplugged”camping is the primary form of lodging.  These campers tend to be compact, lightweight set-ups and are an integral part of getting out. Compact Camping Trailers provide needed extra space; with everything organized, packed up and ready to go.

Connect with DIY

Compact Camping Concepts DIY Trailer Explorer BoxFor some, it is associated with exploring deep into the backcountry, requiring 4WD. For others, its about getting you and your gear out to that perfect spot for a weekend of fun. The other common connection folks interested in Trailer Supported Adventuring have is the DIY gene.