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Sausage gravy and biscuits

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A couple of friends and I have tried a couple of different combinations for breakfast.  Being lazy and cooking challenged,  we opted for the easy way.  We tried campbells canned sausage gravy and Bob Evans spicey sausage.  It's really good, with phillsberry grand biscuits cook in a dutch oven.  We recently tried GFS canned sausage gravy, a lot bigger can(gallon).  We split it into 2 bags, It's was also delicious, and cheaper.  You'll need to wake up early, so you can take a nap after breakfast,  Ron


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the gravy is super simple to make from scratch.
cook the sausage thoroughly, add some flour to make a roux with the rendered fat, whisk in milk until it thickens.
add some ground sage, and lots of pepper (no salt, the sausage is usually plenty salty)
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