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New DMR TG 31655 Ham Radio Venture Overland

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Ham Radio Venture Overland
Home of Ham Radio DMR Talkgroup 31655
  This group was conceptualized by Mike AA1PR in Vermont (overland and bushcraft enthusiast), Gary KG5NBA in Texas (A prolific Jeep guy with a love of margaritas), and Todd KB7RQQ in Washington State (who has progressed from sleeping on the ground under a tarp to a Master Glamper)
  This site is the destination for Ham Radio Venture Overland.  HRVO is a group of like minded outdoor enthusiasts who are Ham Radio operators.  The intent is to share information related to ‘everything’ outdoors.  We share diverse interests like Survival, Overlanding, Bush Craft, Jeep Trekking, repair and maintenance of our equipment, Roughing It, Ham Radio, and even my personal favorite these days, Glamping in my trailer with air conditioning.
  The hope is to foster friendship, comradery, share ideas, and learn from each other.  Most adventures are discussed on the DMR talkgroup…. but it’s fun to see pictures and read the stories.  So share away! - Todd KB7RQQ
  If you have a passion for any outdoor activity, Go Venture Overland!
Listen LIVE! on Brandmeister Hoseline TG-31655
Ill look for you there, 73 AA1PR   
2004 GMC Yukon, 4X4 SLT
1966 Stevens M416 "Now she is gone I got my Yukon"

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