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Hello from San Diego!

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My name is Daniel from San Diego, Ca  and wanted to  introduce myself. Over this past year challenged myself to go back outdoors and go camping once a month which has been the zen I needed. Initially I started with converting my soccer mom mini suv (Mitisbitushi Outlander) into a sleeper but I didn't like breaking camp to go somewhere so I settled on a RTT adventure/overland trailer.  The base is a modified 8x6 HBF 1150lbs trailer that has been cut down, installed 15" wheels with new hubs/bearnings/spacers and teaching myself to weld with the frame. The lower portion of the trailer will be enclosed and feature a pullout kitchen, solar system, pressurized water system, and a solar shower.

Here has been my progress:
[Image: gSs2WMR.jpg]

[Image: uCmkXxx.jpg]

[Image: ODQlSwF.jpg]

[Image: sBugEZ1.jpg]


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Welcome aboard, looks like you are off to a good start.
Scott Chaney - Owner of Compact Camping Concepts
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Glad to see you made it. George.
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