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The more I research trailers the more questions I have:

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1. Thank you Scott for hosting and users for sharing all the information in the forum- its nice to know I am not alone.

2. Is there any difference between the kits from HF, Northern Tools, Lowes, Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply etc.?

3. Northern Tools sells both a 4’ ALUMINUM and a 4’ STEEL, but it doesn't appear many people use aluminum?

4. When it comes to the trailer kits, it appears people change hubs, add spacers and sometimes axles and or springs to accommodate larger wheels. Once you add a longer tongue it seems like most people are using only the trailer frame from the kits?
  • Why is it that Harbor Freight and Northern Tools seem to be the only two companies that manufacture a trailer kit-and why doesn’t a US manuafacturer build a 4’x4’ welded trailer frame?
  • Does welded vs. bolted frame matter for a trailer carrying less than 1,000 or 1,500 lbs?
5. How is it that used trailers hold their value like old wine?


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I would say the various bolt together frame kits are functionally equivalent.
I know how to make the steel ones work so that is what I focus on.
Yes for running bigger heavier tires an axle upgrade is needed. Yes, many parts get replaced. Depends on your needs, the welded frame kits I offer start at around $1300.
Supply and demand ...
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