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Generator help.

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(12-26-2015, 07:09 PM) Smitty Wrote: in the midwest the humidifier really isn't necessary in the summer.

Very true.  I did not think of it that way.  I grew up there, but I live in almost coastal VA now.  You have a very good point.  Thank you.


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I know this is an old post, but my buddy and I like to go off the grid for sometimes weeks at a time, and he uses a CPAP machine. Usually we just plug it into the vehicle's 12-volt socket for the night (with humidifier off). We've talked about getting one of those small pocket vehicle jump-starters in case the CPAP machine ever killed the vehicle's battery (so far so good). And we've also considered getting one of these Goal-Zero Yeti 400 portable power stations.

Seems like this Goal Zero power pack could come in handy for other things in the evening (like small LED lights and such). You could charge it during the day while driving (solar panel charging is also an option if parked for the day). I just think it is a cool product. I just haven't been able to justify the cost (yet). If you shop around you can get a deal on them.

And as someone else has mentioned, most parks and such have rules about quiet time after 2200 or so. And as a personal pet peeve, whether in an established park or not with rules, it is extremely rude to make other have to listen to your generator (stand-alone or as part of your RV) when out in the wilderness camping. I get away from it all to get away from it all, and that includes engine sounds running all night (and sound travels at night). Just because you're in an expensive RV and can't hear your generator running all night while you're inside it, it doesn't mean everyone else can't hear it outside. Nothing against RVs (sometimes wish I had one). And I don't care if the generator you purchase advertises itself as "whisper quiet" or whatever, trust me - it isn't. Oops - I'm getting myself all worked up - PTSD - must have had a bad camping/generator experience somewhere in the past - excuse me while I go think happy thoughts....


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I am of the same thoughts, and vim and vigor, when it comes to generator noise.  I am working on the solar idea now.  The plan is 2 outlets and 4 USB charge points for the tent, and the same on each side of the trailer.  I figure if I was able to use it on a Nave ship, I could use it with a trailer.  We started experimenting with solar packs 15 years ago.  They ran my CPAP all night, but weighed in at 15 lbs.

The Goal-Zero has peaked my curiosity.  So I have been following it for the past couple of years.  It looks lighter.  But I do not feel it has the power reserves for my needs...  Yet.


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A single 110AH deep cycle lets my bro run his cpap machine for two full nights. Those things draw a surprising amount of power. If we camp for longer than that I have to make sure to have my 80 watts of solar panels charging the battery all day. We have squeezed out 5 days of use using the solar panels with some decent sunny days. I think if you had a solid 8hrs of sun each day you could run the cpap at night indefinitely with 80W of solar panels charging at 6A.

If we don't have sun, I have a little two-stroke 1000W gen than I run my built-in 10A battery charger on my power inverter. But it's loud as bawls, so obviously use some discretion if there are other campers around. There are some very creative DB killer boxes on youtube for generators. Might also be an option so you could run one during the day.
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